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Women's Outdoor Boot Camp Class



I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for bringing me into your workout family. I was really nervous at first and the thought of getting my body back in motion was very overwhelming. I read through the testimonials on your web site and I was convinced Underwood Fitness was where I needed to be. When you asked me tonight how much have I lost since coming here, I thought you were asking how much since the first of the year. I started your boot camp on 12/2 and my main focus was to just “Start”. Do something to get my body and soul back in the game. I wanted to try something and stick with it. Your class is phenomenal. The variety of exercises and just the overall attitude in the gym was exactly the jump start I needed. The awkwardness of my own body not being able to do some of the exercises or not having the stamina to keep up has quickly dissipated in these short 8 weeks.

Two weeks after I started your boot camp, I started to look at what I was putting in my body for food and also started to track exactly how much movement my body was experiencing each day. After using a simple pedometer, I found even though in my mind I felt busy, I was barely moving. those little machines do not lie.

Today, I am 15 pounds lighter (all lost at boot camp) but I feel I have so much more to measure. I have dropped my blood pressure from 120/80 to 100/70, I gained simply flexibility in that I can touch my toes. I know that sounds silly but this is something I could not do before class. I can feel my body getting stronger and on my off nights from the gym, I find something else to do physically. My body looks and craves for that physical activity now. I use my elliptical more regularly and I picked my own fitness ball to do some of the exercises you taught us. I really do feel in motion now and it is so true that when you become more physical you, gain more energy and your mental faculties are sharp. I can accomplish so much more with the boost in energy and the strength I feel in myself.

Your coaching and encouragement is what made the biggest difference, so keep doing what you are doing and just know you are helping us to make a difference in our own lives.

All the best and I look forward to the next session.

Michelle M.


" You and your classes are addicting you know!"

Susan S.


"If it wasn't for this class I know I wouldn't be exercising and to know I'm being trained by one of the most accredited strength and conditioning specialists in the area is just icing on the cake".

Melissa A. Redman

"Best class I've ever taken and the key is Vanessa.  She inspires you to
work beyond your own limits and to stive for the next level."

Cathy Thompson

" I love boot camp, my body has changed since I incorporated weights with good diet and cardio.
I have lost weight before but now with doing boot camp I know I can keep it off.  I feel strong and it shows
in my body and attitude!  There is nothing better then the feeling you get when you know your body is strong.
You have energy and feel like you can do anything.

Vanessa knows her stuff and no matter what shape you are do what you can, as much as you can...
and still feel comfortable and welcomed by all!   The ladies are great and it makes the hour fun.

I would definitely recommend this to everyone." 

Chris Travaglini 

Best class I've ever taken and the key is Vanessa.
She inspires you to work beyond your own limits and to strive for the next level.

Cathy T.

I love the boot camp class at Underwood's Sport and Fitness.  At first I was a little hesitant as to how effective Boot Camp would be opposed to a 1 on 1 training class but I am impressed at how much personal attention you get in this class.  Vanessa is always mixing it up and each individual is challenged to their level of ability.

Kim B.


Thank you, I love my fitness trainer!




This class has taught me more about my body than I ever knew.
I am so much stronger since starting this class. It feels great to work every muscle in my body and it's done in a fun environment so it doesn't seem hard.




I love it -- I feel stronger especially in my core, working out with other women challenges me to work harder -- use more weight then I might have if I were alone. I love the comrade. It is fun to be with others share stories laugh it makes the time go by so fast.


If it wasn't for this class I know I wouldn't be exercising and to know I'm being trained by one of the most accredited strength and conditioning specialists in the area is just icing on the cake.

Melissa A. Redman

I really do love this class! You've taught me a lot over the last few months and I appreciate it! Thanks for everything!

Lori C.

Underwood’s Sport and Fitness offers a complete fitness experience for everyone at every level.
Vanessa motivates you to reach your fitness goals with encouragement and support.

Deb R.




Vanessa A. Underwood • 603-382-7460 •
9 Squirrel Run Road, Plaistow, NH 03865

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